Friday, April 24, 2009

Pics Following the Yard cleanup

So, I have been spending my last couple of days helping my mom and dad out with their business. It's lawn maintenance and care. (this was the way my parents taught us how to work growing up. employees willing to work for almost nothing. Now I love yard work) We spent the days tearing up all the dead plants, turning the soil, getting ready for pretty flowers this season. We also power raked multiple yards. For those of you who don't know what power raking is; it is pulling up all the dead grass from the base of your new grass. This dead grass is what kills your new grass lots of the time. Leaving unsightly spots in your lawn.

Look at all that grass!

All of the bags of grass from just one lawn. (there are 25)

After doing three lawns I think we bagged 53 bags of grass total. The bagging was what took forever.

My dirty feet after the long day.

It was a long fulfilling day. Accomplishing something that looks great afterwards is so wonderful.


Terresa said...

Love your top blog pic (the pig & sheep). Found you on Mormon Mommy blogs.

PS: are those Chacos you're wearing? Just got my first pair & I'm in love.

PHannie said...

There is nothing better than Chaco's. This pair that you see on my feet were my first ever pair. They lasted me 6 years before they began to wear on the bottom. AND I wore them every day in the non-snow time.

I am on year 7 now. I think I will wear them until the soles break into a million pieces.

These are the best shoes I have ever worn. The love rivals that of my husband. My new pair is the cutest.

PHannie said...

You know what else is great about my chacos? I just got right into the shower with them on. Cleaned them and my feet at the same time. Glorious

Terresa said...

ha, that's a great idea. What do you wear in cold weather? the feel of chacos reminds me of Danskos, also another lovely shoe...of which I own 3 (so far).
PS: thx for visiting my blog! ;)

PHannie said...

I wear old running shoes in the cold weather. Nothing fancy just my old kicks that can't stand anymore pounding on the pavement for miles and miles.

Danskos are great shoes as well, but I can't wear them anymore. They make my feet start to roll outwards when I walk. But they are recommended by pediatrists for your feet.


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