Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Merit Badge that Women Don't Know About

So, I was at an Eagle Project today helping to clean peoples yards in the neighborhood and afterwards there is always food, right? Well, we are sitting there eating our hotdogs and all the (younger)guys are talking about when they will be finishing school, what jobs they are going to do, buying houses, etc, etc. I enjoy observing these conversations because you know half (if not more) of what they say is something they still haven't brought up to their wife because they are afraid to do it. (It's funny for me)

Anyway, at some point in every conversation like this a couple of guys will always bring up their "Sugar-Mamma." They all laugh and joke about how their wife has put them through school and how such a wonderful life that is and how they wish it could be like that forever. So, today I said,

"I'm convinced with as much as you all aspire to have a sugar-mamma, this is what they really teach you in scouting. In YW's the girls are all pressured to make sure they have a well put-together home, craftiness, kids, and a wonderful husband. You guys are taught to find a 'sugar-mamma'."

They thought this was extremely funny and even figured out what the merit badge would look like. (a little cube of sugar, like the ones you put in coffee, embroidered on the badge) AND they even decided that they would tell the girls that it was a badge for learning how to treat horses or cows or something. I thought this was hilarious.

This information is worth passing on, so that we won't have the wool pulled over our eyes anymore. Watch out girls. They are coming for you.


Mrs. B. Roth said...

WELLllllll ... technically I was a sugar-mamma, but now I'm the one being taken care of ... and my term of indentured servitude lasted about 5 years, where as husband's will be probably for the rest of our lives.

The truth is, though, adolescent guys usually fall in "love" faster and harder than girls (for all our princess fairy tales). I recently found a bunch of letters my husband wrote me before we "sealed the deal" ... NOW he says he was just trying to ... y'know. BUT He was completely under my control!

Talk big all they want, the movie Bambie shows it like it is.

PHannie said...

It's true. The few years that we spend as the "sugar-mamma" are well worth the grasp we have on their hearts. The power we have is scary sometimes. I do try so hard not to abuse it.


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