Sunday, April 26, 2009



Last night the Hubby and I wanted to do dinner and a movie, but the at home kind. So, because the library was closed already we went to the next cheapest thing. . .Redbox. At this Redbox we found the movie FIREPROOF. I had read on a friends blog that it was a good movie, so we got it.

It was really good. It was produced by the same church that produced Facing the Giants. (Facing the Giants was really corny though; this movie wasn't corny to the same extent) FIREPROOF is a story about a husband and wife of 7 years who are having major struggles in their marriage and want out. What you see is the husbands journey to decide what he really wants out of this marriage, if anything at all.

This show hits Love, kindness, fighting, selfishness, pornography, the covenant of marriage, and much more. It pulls at your emotions. (I got all teary-eyed more than I can count.) I thought it was great and even my Hubby wants to own it. You can go see the trailer here and decide if it's a movie you would enjoy seeing.

I am a complete "extras" junkie and spent like an hour and a half watching all the outtakes, deleted scenes and more extras. Laughing my face off. Don't miss it. Check out the movie soon. It's worth your time.


Tali said...

watched it, and loved it! thanks for the referal. I told someone else aboutit and she loved it too.
Lets get together soon.

PHannie said...

I am glad that you enjoyed it.


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