Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Beautiful Rainy Day

I was surfing the bloggosphere and visited one of my favorite places, Mrs. B. Roth. I suggested along with a couple of other bloggers that she was in much need of A Day Off. However, it's not so easy with children to do that. You can't just dump them on the side of the road (although you might feel like that sometimes).

So, I told her she should take the kids outside to play in the rain. Not many people do this anymore. Always afraid of getting sick or "catching a chill." After I suggested it, I felt as though I couldn't tell her to do something and not take part in it myself. I went out.

It was beautiful. Not too cold. I had forgotten how much I loved running in the rain. If you are on a not so busy street, you can hear the birds enjoying their public bathing while gossiping to each other. (the good stuff always comes out in the rain) The new fresh air is invigorating. Wonderful.

Here is a picture of one of the streets I ran down. The pretty blossoms in the rain.

Me. All soaked and extremely happy. (I wanted to throw a tantrum this morning, but I am better now.)


Mer said...

One of the happiest nights of my life was when my not-a-sister, Nisey, took me outside for a barefoot walk in April rain. We went more than two miles with totally bare feet in the rain. And it was glorious. You haven't lived until you've splashed in puddles barefooted.

Mrs. B. Roth said...

I didn't do it yesterday, but God has blessed me with a second chance today. Let me get the baby down (I worry too much for her, she is my onliest girl child) then I'll take my monkey of a 3 yr old out for a rainy adventure! Worms beware. Pictures to follow.

Thanks for caring!

Phannie said...

I love to splash in the puddles, but I haven't done it barefoot in a while. (Next rain storm)

Mrs. B. I hope ya'll had fun in the rain (if you got out into the rain before it turned to snow) and that it wasn't too cold.

Roxie said...

I LOVE running in the rain. It feels cleaning and uplifting and it's just great!


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