Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Watching My Own Surgery

I am excited to say that last week we welcomed Green Bean to our little family. He is wonderfully fantastic. So adorable and I just love the softness of baby skin. Babies are so precious.

The delivery was a scheduled c-section. So, we walked into the hospital at 6 am in the morning and had my little Green Bean by 7:30 am. So quick.

We went in, got me all hooked up to everything (I HATE IV's-they pull), and signed my life away with consent forms. Then another woman came in that was scheduled later, but was laboring really hard. My nurse didn't want me to have to wait until that evening to have my baby so she was really pushing that I go NOW. So, we rushed in before the other lady got all hooked up to everything.

I walked into the Operating Room. That was weird. I climbed up onto the table and then they finished hooking me to everything. Then Anesthesiologist asked me if I wanted to watch. I was surprised, last time I didn't have the option. (they didn't have a mirror) But this time I could watch everything. I definitely chose to watch. I got to see it ALL. The incision, the yanking and pulling, my Green Bean being pulled out, the tying of my tubes, and the stitching up of my belly. It was awesome. I would highly recommend watching. I also think that I didn't get motion sickness because I was watching this time. So much better. I'm so glad that I got to see it.

Anyone else every seen their delivery? Did you like it?


Mrs. B. Roth said...

Yes! We videoed it, which is against the "rules" but was awesome.

Phannie said...

You videoed it? That's great. My Hubby asked me if I wanted video, but I dont ever know what to do with it.

Alicia Bunderson said...

That is neat. I have not had a c-section, and with my other surgeries I was completely under, I would love to watch it, If I ever have one. How is your little man doing? how big was he?

Rachel said...

I didn't know you had your tubes tied. You only want 2 little ones then, huh? Congrats on the newest addition!


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