Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Brick Oven Pizza: Allergy Disappointment

This past weekend we were in Provo. I have been craving their toasted bread for weeks now and thought that since we were down there we should go. So, we headed with our large group of family and friends down to the usually enjoyable restaurant.

When we got there I thought, to speed up the ordering process, I would ask for their allergy list/menu. They weren't very nice about my asking, like it was putting them out or something. They do NOT have an allergy list. I was shocked. I thought that it was law that everywhere had to have one. (maybe I'm wrong) I mean, Wendy's has one.

So, I was shocked and apparently looked it because they had their manager come over. (Like I was causing a disturbance or something) I had him check their chicken fingers for milk. He was also very put out that he had to go check. He told me they don't batter the chicken themselves. Like that would make a difference. I still wanted him to check the ingredients. He was not very nice OR helpful so I just waited to ask the waitress to check on the pasta ingredients.

She was very nice, and checked immediately. Not one of the pastas can be digested by someone allergic to dairy. Which means there was nothing on the menu I could order for my little Sweet Pea. They are the FIRST restaurant I have been to in a year that has not had ONE thing for my Sweet Pea to eat. NOT ONE! I couldn't believe it.

Their solution was that she is so little they don't usually charge if someone goes to the salad bar and gives the little one something they can eat from there. Now really, have you ever seen a salad bar? I eat from them, but they are not exactly mix free. How many times have you seen someone or yourself drop food from one of the bowls into another. I can't just give someone with a food allergy something from a contaminated space. Not to mention this salad bar was NOT well kept that night. One of the worst I've seen in a long time.

So, even though I really like Brick Oven to eat myself, I will probably never be able to go back. It's too much work to pack dinner for half my family just so that I can eat out.

Good bye Brick Oven.

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