Thursday, August 18, 2011

Going Green Confessions

I'm all about going green. I would rather pay my bills online. I would rather get all my coupons online. I obviously like to keep up with friends and family online. However, when it comes to shopping, I don't really like to do it online. My sweet Hubby thinks I'm a little funny because he would rather do it online.

I want to go to the store, touch, feel, and smell what I'm buying. And then I want the instant gratification of bringing whatever I just spent money on home. I want it right now! (This is the brat in me) Then to add to it. I would rather spend hours looking at catalogs than staring at my computer screen.

So, here is my Going Green Confession. I get catalogs and LOVE them. I LOVE junk mail too. (my advertising Hubby thinks this is crazy too) I want to read the adds. See the specials and I want it in my hands. Not on my computer screen. It's just not the same joy when it's glowing at me.

I guess, if anyone knows of an easy, cheap way to recycle my catalogs here in Utah, that information would be greatly appreciated. Then maybe I won't feel too terrible about my obsession.

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