Monday, August 1, 2011

Oh the Pain!

No one ever talks about how much MORE pain it is to have another kid. And apparently it gets worse the more you have. Who Knew?! No wanted to share that piece of information. This surprises me because when pregnant, especially the first time, everyone wants to tell you the most horrific labor and delivery stories. (I think there is a competition for the worst one) But no-one wants to tell you about the pain your body goes through before Labor and Delivery. Just the everyday life that becomes painful life. Yuck.

This little Green Bean is killing me. He is seriously a pain in the back, my right hip, my pelvis, and my abdomen ALL over. AND OH the nausea! Last night I couldn't move and all I wanted to do was throw up. I felt horrible.

So, in case no one told you that the pains get worse the more children you have, I am here to tell you. THEY DO! Be prepared.

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Tali said...

I guess we have not seen each other enough ;) cause I feel like thats all I said when I was pregnant with natalie. It was SO bad, all the time and just got worse and worse. and so help me if mikelle ran in the street and I had to chase her (witch happend ALOT) and I thought I was going to die.thats the first on a long list of reasons I am done. I hope it goes away for you.


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