Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lonely Vomit at Regional Conference

If there is a woman in the back of the gym (at the broadcast) for Regional Conference and she is feeding a baby and that baby vomits (MULTIPLE TIMES) all down the front of her dress and all over the floor, you:

A) rudely accept the assignment of having to get out of your chair (stop listening to Elder Holland) and have to go find her daughter (mother of the baby)

B) sit in your chair and pretend that you didn't see anything while the daughter gets down on all fours and wipes up the throw up

C) ask if you can help

D) just get up and help clean up while your spouse/child/or friend willingly goes to find the daughter



The Answer today was A and B!!

Ask me again why I HATE going to church in a predominantly Mormon community?


1 comment:

Tali said...

uhg! I am sorry. don't you know that listening to an apostle is more important then helping your naibor? I'm being sarcastic of corse. almost the same thing has happend to me befor. seriously people!?


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