Thursday, September 16, 2010

Changing the Sleep Pattern

I will make a change! Sweet Pea WILL make the change as well.

There is much needed sleep at night and we are just not getting enough of it. Sweet Pea is awaking consistently between 12 &1 and then again between 3 & 5. This is no good when my Hubby has an hour commute to work and I have to take care of her throughout the day. I've been told there is light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully I'll find it by doing these things:

  • letting her cry for a minimum of 5 minutes before I go to her
  • not picking her up; just rubbing her back
  • moving her to the far side of the room (Yes, she is in our room still. This is because we are in what I call our Glorified Studio Apartment)
What kind of things did you do when your kids were 7 months and waking throughout the night?

1 comment:

the fellers said...

I would let her cry for longer then 5 minutes, like until she stops crying....I am a nazi mom though, but my kids sleep great through the night and I really think it is because I made them learn to soothe themselves back to sleep...yes, this is bad, but the first night I did it with my daughter, she cried for probably 3 hours...and I never gave it, most horrible night, BUT...BUT the next night? SHE SLEPT ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!

Just a suggestion, but we are all different and believe in different ways...and every kid is different...but you have to be consistent for sure!


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