Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Visiting Teaching Again

Oh, it's probably been a year since I went visiting teaching (or let my visiting teachers come over), but I went tonight. I do have a very devoted companion. I knew the lady we were going to visit from back when I was younger. She's one of those wonderful little old ladys who do EVERYTHING for the church. I think she's been in charge of the music since the beginning of time. She's wonderful.

Anyway, it was nice. I didn't do the lesson or set up the appointments, or really say much while we were there, but it was nice. She really wants/needs help. She REALLY wants to know how everyone is doing in the ward. And she really loves the gospel. You can just tell. She isn't ornery in any way shape or form. (not like the old women in my last ward. grrrrr.) It was a very nice visit. I could have stayed a little longer.

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