Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Parable of the Jello

And there was a man who was most creative, yea he did create many wonderful things, both with his mind and with his hands. And one day, this man called his daughters and sons unto him, and said, "Behold, this which I have created." And the daughters and sons looked and understood not, for they had never beheld such wonder. For it was clear, and beautiful in color, and stood with much firmness upon the mans' plate. And the sons and daughters did say, "Father, what is it, for we know not." And the father answered and said, "It is jello and it is very firm and strong." And the children knew for they had touched it, and cut it and it had much coolness, and they marveled at its' strength to stand firm.

Then the father set the jello by the fire, and the children watched as the jello grew soft, and lost its' strength, and ran into every direction. And they cried unto their father saying, "where is the jello which you created for us?" And the father answered saying, "You are like unto this jello, created with much strength and greatly desired. My Daughters have much beauty that my neighbors' sons do desire of them, and they seek closeness with them. And my sons, the same is like unto you, and to our neighbors daughters. It is my desire that you understand that closeness as in necking and petting and much kissing does create great warmth as in the fire. This warm fire will cause even the firm and the strong to weaken and to melt."

The father counseled his children saying, "Behold the jello, keep things cool, my children, keep them cool and liken this jello unto thy own life." and the children understood. And they said unto the father, "We will be as jello," and they covenanted to stand firm and strong, and not let the heat of the passion destroy them.

-Author Unknown

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