Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Confessional

  • this is the first summer that I'm glad to see go.
  • I cleaned my bathroom for the first time since I moved in
  • I would rather sell everything in my house than clean it
  • want any of my stuff?
  • I took my 6 month old out into the terrible rain storm yesterday
  • And
  • She LOVED it!!
  • I really enjoy making those hair flowers
  • do you think I could sell them?
  • What did you think about the ones I made.
  • I probably needed better pictures
  • I crochet, quilt, make bags, and hair flower clippies
  • I should probably do a give away
  • YES?
  • NO?
  • I have owned a magic bullet for 7 months and never even pulled it out of the box
  • I don't have plans for the weekend
  • Isn't it wonderful to have nothing sometimes?
  • Now that my confessional is becoming a one-sided conversation
  • I'll stop.
Go link up. Join in the confessions. Please leave me a comment letting me know you posted too. I want to come see. Thanks

1 comment:

VandyJ said...

Doing nothing can be fabulous! Stopping by from Glamazon's. Have a great weekend.


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