Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Embrace Yourself Week 2010 with The Mommyologists

I thought this was a superb idea. The Mommyologist wanted us all to, instead of addressing all of those horrific things about our bodies that we HaTe, address the things about our bodies that we love.

Go see her vlog HERE.

This is something I really needed to do. I have spent the last few years getting my body into better shape than when I was in High School only to get pregnant and find myself yearning to even be close to the starting line. (not to mention the finish line)

Anyway, I'm letting you all know that I love:

My Feet:

My face:

It seems to be the first place I lose weight.

My strength:

I may be fat, but I have always been the "Tough One" and I like that. It made it so with not much exercise and only 6 months after having my Sweet Pea I could climb this VERY steep mountain trail.

Link up. It's fun


The Mommyologist said...

These are all such great photos!!! I LOVE the last one..that is so gorgeous wherever it was taken! You are absolutely beautiful and thank you so much for helping me spread this positive message!

Phannie said...


The picture was taken on the top of Bears Hump in Waterton Lakes National Park, Canada. 2 weeks ago

Erin said...

You are gorgeous and your feet are adorable (I loathe my feet and posted about them a long time ago---ugh! but you, my dear, are blessed!)!

From Tracie said...

Great pictures....I'm super impressed that you climbed that mountain! Awesome!

Kristin said...

You are definitely not what I would define as fat. You have a beautiful face and smile.


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