Friday, April 30, 2010

Confession Friday!!

I drowsily confess:

  • it's been a long day already
  • and it's only noon
  • the little one has had goopy eyes all week
  • AND not sleeping through the night
  • If only she had started out this way
  • then I wouldn't feel so destroyed.
  • Apparently kids get goopy eyes and sleep less when they are teething
  • let me check. . .
  • YUP,
  • Definitely teething.
  • I am cutting out chocolate for a month
  • doesn't that mean I can replace my chocolate intake with everything else
  • (like the beautimous Carrot Cake that my Hubby brought back from the office)
  • it came from Harmons.
  • SOOO
  • GOOD
  • I still dream about exercise though
  • Is that my subconscious telling me that I should stop beating on my body?
  • I declared yesterday "Pajama Day"
  • today just might be "Pajama Day #2"
  • I use WIC
  • I had an appointment today
  • I HATE it when they talk to me like I'm an
  • ill-educated,
  • lazy
  • mom
  • who doesn't properly take care of my child
  • My Sweet Pea is Very well taken care of, thank you very much.
  • Just ask my Hubby.
  • (He just might feel a little neglected since Sweet Pea arrived)


Glamazon said...

WIC is awesome. I was on it with my first baby, but yes, you do get treated like a second-class citizen.

Pajama day 2? Awesome. I think you should be able to declare every day pajama day.

No chocolate? You are a better woman than I.

Thanks for playing!

Kate said...

I'll see your pajama day and raise you an "I wore my leggings from yesterday's outfit as pajamas and still have them on trying to morph them into yet another outfit and that means no, I haven't showered (yet)."

And I'm eating an oreo.


Kate said...

Okay I just commented, but then I spent more time looking at the title of your blog and reading your mission experience, and I just wanted to say that I'm kind of a black sheep mormon girl too, and I hear ya. :)

Mrs. B. Roth said...

I miss pajama days. I'll reinstate them when I get some time off. :)

Phannie said...

Pajama Day's are the Best. Mrs. B you should definitely do pajama days on Saturday's, when you are not working.

Kate, I was wearing my pajamas from two days before too. And thanks.


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