Thursday, April 22, 2010

Confess, confess, ConFeSs

I do proudly confess:

  • Although you may have cute kids, I have the MosT AdoRabLe Sweet Pea alive.
  • I could spend all day kissing those cheeks
  • I really do

  • I ate chocolate chip cookies tonight while pumping
  • Did I mention that I have the BeSt Hubby around?
  • He does the night shift while I pump.
  • This is so I'm not up for two hours.
  • He's so wonderful

  • I really need sleep right now but i just don't want to put my little one down
  • I don't remember what a clean house looks like
  • Secretly I hope your house is a disaster as well
  • I guess that it's not a secret any more
  • Maybe I could pack up the little one and run away.
  • Then I couldn't see the eye sore I have in my home
  • As much as I love the adorable baby stage,
  • I truly wish I could have popped out a toddler
  • they can at least tell me why they are screaming
  • and can move themselves around
  • I know I shouldn't wish for this but I do
  • I guess God will give what I've got coming soon enough.


Oka said...

You will get your house back, one day. It's more important to bond now anyway.

What a great husband.

A newly popped out toddler would have never learned to speak, so you would be in the same situation, with more frustration.

Stacy said...

You could come hang out here but then you would just be looking at my mess. I should be cleaning while my little one is asleep but I don't want to. I feel lazy today. Trust me when they are toddlers you want them to be babies again. Really welcome to motherhood, it is just natural to wish they are bigger or smaller than they are. Face it our job is super hard, we are just looking for a break.

Tylaine said...

Oh just enjoy your little Sweet Pea! She is absolutely adorable and I second the sentiment when they are toddlers you'll wish they were babies again. They may not be able to talk but at least they're not mobile yet!
Glad I found your blog through Glamazon! Have a good weekend! :)

Glamazon said...

You are right! She is so so cute. And nice that you get to sleep at night while hubby gets up. He's a keeper :) Mmmh...chocolate chip cookies...

Thanks for playing!

Anonymous said...

You can feel better knowing that my house is a disaster too.
Enjoy the baby time because it goes SO fast! She's adorable!
Your hubby rocks!


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