Thursday, October 22, 2009

The WinCo Excusion is Complete

While going to school at BYU-Idaho, I had heard of the store that students would drive twenty minutes to just to get a good deal, but never made the trek myself. So, when one popped up here in Utah, I decided I better go check it out. (I have mixed feelings because I like to buy local)

I found a large store set up as a mix between a Macey's and a Costco look. I was interested in seeing just if the prices were less, and for a lot of things they are. I thought their produce (for the most part) was close to Sunflower Farmers Market. WinCo had cereal and canned goods that were way less than anywhere else. They also carry the largest and cheapest variety of bulk foods I have seen in the area. Their meat and fish looked to be really good prices as well.

Their prices are listed in two different colors. Yellow for their everyday prices and green for their sale prices (the ones that will change). I asked a worker how long their green price tags usually stayed on and she said that she was told 30 days. I thought that was pretty good. Most stores I know of have sales for only about a week.

I didn't really get a feel for their customer service or the ambiance of the store because their were so many people. I will have to find that out another day when the excitement about a new store has lessened. Everyone seemed nice enough, especially since they have probably already encountered so many ornery people by noon on a REALLY busy day.

There are no express lanes at WinCo. They just don't exist. However, if you have only 3-4 items you are welcome to go to the Customer Service desk and they can check you out there. You must be prepared to pay in cash, check or debit. They do NOT accept credit cards.

If you plan on going to WinCo in the next little bit, plan for at least 1.5 hours. (I was there for 2, but I walk really preggie slow) You will want to get a good look at everything and it's just so busy. You will wait in line to check out for about a half hour. Oh, while you're walking in ask someone who is walking out it you can follow them to their car and have their cart when they are finished or you just wont get one.

It was a pretty good experience and I will go back a few times more to really figure out if their prices are wonderful. There just wasn't time or space today.

How do you like or not like about WinCo?


hartleyhouse said...

I love, love, love, love Winco!! Our closest one is a 25 minute drive so I only go once a month to stock up on basics and bulk foods. Their bulk foods is awesome! Getting spices, chocolate chips and a lot of other things bulk is so much cheaper. I love steel cut oats and they're super cheap in the bulk section.
I also love that you bag your own groceries, it makes things quicker and I can stuff as much as I want in a bag (I hate it when the bagger puts 1 or 2 items in a bag, I end up with way too may bags).
Seriously, we love Winco. Clark hates grocery shopping but he loves to go to Winco (mostly to stock up on candy in the bulk food). Glad you have one close to you, you'll love it.

Sadie said...

my mom lives in boise and shops nowhere else... I have been a few times and have really liked the store. I remember the bulk and spices to be priced super low. glad Utah finally has one... but I too am like you and like to shop local. Where is it?

Phannie said...

I love to pack my own bags too. I hate it when the bagger puts my bread in with my canned foods. Hello! Smoooshed bread. Idiots, some people.

Two WinCo's were just opened here. One out in West Valley somewhere on 5600 West or somewhere close to there, and the other one is just off of I-15 on 7200 South.


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