Thursday, October 15, 2009

10 Things You DON'T Have to Do to Get to Heaven in October

1- Get dressed for General Conference. (unless you are headed for the Stake Center)

2- Put up the "Fall" Relief Society craft in your front room

3- Take your kids to the ward "trunk or treat"

4- Win 1st place at the ward chili cook off

5- Dress up as Samuel the Lamanite for Halloween

6- Get the flu shot. (although this one is probably a good one to do anyway)

7- Give all the kids in the ward a "King Size" chocolate bar on Halloween

8- Feel bad about scaring the three year old with the huge bat flying over your door.

9- Pay $30 to go to a Haunted House (really. 30 bucks! I can't believe prices are that high now. I remember when it was 5! that makes me sound old doesn't it?)

10- Cut up the pumpkins that haven't gone bad and freeze them so you can do your baking next month.

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