Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Catch Up

So sorry. My internet has been non-existent this week. And it just happened on a week that I really wanted to share.


Last Friday I went with some friends on the Halloween Haunted Cruise at the Clas Ropes Course in Provo. As you walk out to your raft you might see some things like these:

When you get to the dock, you board your boat that takes you for a ride along the river. Lining the river there are pumpkins carved and lit. Some of them are really good.

The pirate steering the boat tells ghost stories. You get over taken by another Pirate who leaves candy for everyone. (although we didn't let him on our boat, we dunked him. It was pretty funny. Probably cold for him though) The boat ride lasts about 25 minutes. Adults were $5. And I honestly don't remember how much the kids were. But it was a cute little adventure for the family to go on.

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