Wednesday, September 2, 2009

No Time; No Organized Thoughts. . . . YET.

Before I get my thoughts all worked through, I want to know what ya'll think about "preaching to people."

Do you like to be "preached" to?

Do you feel the need to "Preach" to others?

What is the difference between sharing and preaching?

When you are close to someone do you feel the urgency to help them improve their life through the gospel?

Are you the person on the receiving end? How do you respond to these kinds of tactics?

These questions stem from a discussion I had this weekend. I would like to know what you are thinking. Before I get into the real thick of my story. I will let you know. Later. When I have more time.


Mer said...

1) Hrm. Depends on whether or not they're actually preaching. If we're talking about a random individual speaking condescendingly about morality or choices to another person -- NO!

The root of the word preach is the Latin word for "to proclaim." And the gospel-related definition is either "to speak a sermon; to proclaim truth" or "to advocate; to speak, plead, or argue in favor of." In those cases -- yes. I enjoy listening to talks. I enjoy hearing other people's points of view, even when I don't agree with them.

2. I don't feel a "need" to preach at others in either sense. I worry sometimes that I come off as preachy when I voice my opinion, but I try to alway preface those statements with "I feel" or "I think that..." instead of a lecture about how "You should do X, Y, or Z"

3. Preaching is what Christ did; He listened to questions, He taught simple truths and solutions, and He asked questions to help people think about how they felt about themselves and those truths. I think that's the essence of what preaching should be, at least. To me, preaching implies authority. When I'm asked to give a talk or a lesson, I'm given the responsibility to teach a group.

Sharing applies when authority isn't an issue -- like when you and I or another family member are talking.

4. No. I try to live the gospel myself. And if someone comes to me for advice, I'll give my honest opinion in a way that is useful for them. So if it's my sister or a friend from my ward and a gospel principle pertains -- yeah, I'll bring it up. But talking with my Buddhist/Agnostic/Whatever friends? No. It's my advice, and I phrase it as MY advice. I don't think there's any point in saying "You should do this because Jesus says so" to someone who doesn't have a testimony or isn't religous.

5. When someone goes all "preachy" on me, I usually say,

"That's an interesting perspective. It's been my experience that ________."

Or "I'm glad that works for you."

Or sometimes, "I disagree. I think that_______."

Most presumptuous, preachy people back down in the face of polite disagreement.

Is that what you were asking?

Tali said...

I hate to be preached at, meaning if they are just preaching not really paying attention to what i might really need to hear or if i am interested. I know that sometimes I get my emotions going and my mouth at teh same time and i sound preachy, when I realize this I feel like a hipocrite. and I try not to do that. I like to share how I feel about things, and hear how others think and feel, and i don;t like to argue. I am interested in hearing your story, and I hope it was not me that was preachy.

Marshall said...

From one who loves to photograph temples this is beautiful.


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