Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Craftiness Keeping Me Busy

I have been spending all of my extra time quilting and sewing. Can I tell you how much I love it?


My hubby thinks it's funny because, to look at me, you wouldn't know I was the crafty type. I'm more of the sporty type. I love quilting anyway. It relaxes me. takes my mind off of everything going on around me. I have finished a couple of blankets and am half way through the quilting of another one. I will post pics asap. I promise. I just sat down to the computer for a little break.

Just a little plug for Joann's Fabric Store. They really do have some great deals on their sale day. On Labor Day, I saved 100 dollars. It was great. I am set for craftiness for a while I think. (a few weeks anyway)

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