Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Excitement to Disappointment to Decent

Yesterday I was stoked to go to the temple with my hubby. It was stake temple night and we hadn't been for a while. I spent the day getting all my stuff done before we had to go.

We got dressed and left. We got there. I needed help.

I don't need to go into detail, but if you happen to work at the temple could you PLEASE be nice. Smile once in a while. Pretend you like to be there for the hours you are there. And fake that you like the job that you have been assigned. The lady I asked for help was rude, inconsiderate, and ornery.

Don't tell me you can't "leave your post" because I don't care. (been a temple worker) You are NOT in the military and the temple President won't flog you for asking one of the four ladies around the corner to help me if you don't want to. (I didn't see these women until it was too late or I would have asked them)

If you have been frequenting my blog you know already that I have a very hard time with people in the church. This situation did/does not help. I've NEVER been in the temple and wanted to scream and yell so bad. (mind you I've never been to the temple when I don't encounter at least one pissy worker-ALWAYS female, by the way)

I went up to the Sealing Office to meet my hubby and just sat in the hall and cried. I was so mad. All I wanted was a few moments of "Good Churchy Experience." Is it really too much to ask for?

When I finally calmed down, we did go do some work. It was good. The sealer was really nice and relaxed. (all the male workers in the temple I've ever encountered have been wonderful) So after a couple of hours, I felt better. Not wonderful, but better.

MY POINT: if you work in the temple, can you please smile and be nice. PLEASE. You just might run into a completely ornery pregnant woman who doesn't like church at the moment. It would be nice to be one of the few positive things in her life that are associated with church. Please try.



heather said...

Hey Steph. I really enjoy reading your blogs because you just tell it like it is. No sugar-coating. I do admire your ability to separate the people from the gospel though. I'm sorry you have had such bad experiences. It sounds to me like you need to get out of Utah! Jason and I have always talked about how we never want to raise our kids in Utah because the church members there are too weird and judgmental. I know that doesn't help much. Just wanted to give an outsiders perspective of the "Utah Mormon" breed. Good thing your family is a transplant! :)

JJ said...

HUGS!! I wish "Utah Mormons" would actually realize they are rude, judgmental and need an attitude adjustment. I was born and raised here but has stepped out of that bubble... I hope things get better for you. Not all church members are that rude and inconsiderate.

HUGS to you and the bambino!!

Destenee said...

I'm a "utah mormon" and I don't think I am any of those things! I think it is more than just a little hypicritical to say that "utah mormons" are so judgemental and rude, what exactly are you doing when you say that? I live in a small town in Utah where, I admit, most people here are LDS, we happen to be neighbors with someone who isn't and I couldn't ask for a better neighbor. I don't care if you are mormon, christian, agnostic, I will treat you all the same. And heres the thing. I KNOW there are a TON of ppl who live here that are just like me! Sure living in Utah you have more LDS ppl living here so there is more of a chance that you are going to run into "crazies", that's just playing the odds folks. But to judge ppl just beacause of where they live and assume that I am stuck up, judemental and weird is not fair. There are good and bad people everywhere, it is all about how you react to the situations you are put in, only you can make yourself happy or miserable. NO one else can do that for you. End RANT :)

Phannie said...

I wish that I could say that this experience was limited to Utah. It would make me feel better that the meanness was in just one area, BUT. . .

it wasn't. I have been to many temples in many different places and still never had the happy cute little women around to help that are thoroughly excited to be there.

It's just a dream that will probably never be realized.


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