Sunday, May 24, 2009


Today the Relief Society Lesson was on Temples and the improtance of attending.

I just love going to the temple.
It's beautiful inside and out.
It's Peaceful
It's Quiet
I get the best sleep EVER (I know we're not supposed to sleep, but you know ya'll do it)
I get to think to myself
And just escape the busy life.

I'm really glad that I can go to the temple. I guess I shouldn't put off or neglect the things that I have right in my own backyard. I will go more often.

(just in case anyone was wondering, the Manti temple is my favorite. President Hinckley said it was the "princess of all temples")


Mrs. B. Roth said...

Nice to know they are getting into the deep gospel truths now!

But seriously, for the last two months, I've been going twice a week (so as not to end up in a mental hospital). There is nothing in the world quite as perfect as sitting in the Celestial Room, surrounded by strangers or no one, and taking the time to work everything out with God. I'm sure SOME people could do that in their homes, but not me, not in mine.

Try to go once or twice a week for a while. (do or do not there is not try) It makes a universe of difference.

PHannie said...

I wish I could say that they were getting down into truths, but I was visiting another ward.

I have heard of your wonderful experiences at the temple and it really did inspire me to go more often; however, I totalled my car and now have no way to get there. (Maybe the multiple transfers on the bus/trax would be good for my thinking time).

I used to go at least once a week in high school. There was a group of us that went at like 6 am to do baptisms every week. It was wonderful. It's amazing how your ambition changes when you are older.

I will find a way to get there. I guess I could wait for my hubby to get home from work. But it is nice to go alone too.


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