Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A little fittery... I mean jittery.

I was going through withdrawals for the last 48 hours. No blogger. aarrrgggg.

I didn't turn the TV or the Computer on yesterday at all. I attacked my apartment. It now smells like pine-sol, papaya (the candle burning), and looks beautiful. It took me all day long, but it is done for the week. The laundry-check. The dishes-check(although probably not for the whole week). The bathroom-check. The vacuuming-check.

It's heavenly. I got to read my book for a whole hour last night. Undisturbed. Beautiful.


Mrs. B. Roth said...

So the trick is detaching the keyboard from my fingers ... mmm ... and not allowing my attention to be pulled by screens. Interesting.

Maybe tomorrow I'll try things your way.

PHannie said...

It was so hard.

I got shakey.

The sweats.

quick, shallow breathing.

It was so difficult, but I got threw and now I'm back.

(It was a good break though)


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