Thursday, January 12, 2012

10 SURPRISES of 2011

10. Surprise, I'm pregnant again!

9. Surprise, I didn't qualify for health insurance. (in case you didn't know, pregnancy is a pre-existing condition)

8. Surprise, Sweet Pea has been watching all along and decided to just get up and walk.

7. Surprise, Sweet Pea blew out her candle at her 1st Birthday and we didn't even have to show her how.

6. Surprise, we are having a BOY!! (we thought we were going to have another girl)

5. Surprise! If we tell Sweet Pea she can kiss the boys, she is the aggressive one. (we are going to have to watch out now. oops!)

4. Surprise! Kiddie Pools are not for Kids.

3. Surprise! 4 People, 2 kids, 1 family. 0 JOB. What to do?

2. Surprise! Now we have to move back to Orem to live with the Grandparents.

1. SURPRISE! My Hubby gets a job only 3 weeks after being laid off. YEA!!

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