Thursday, January 26, 2012

10 Resolutions I Don't Have to Set to Begin 2012

10. Get More Sleep (With 2 kids and midnight feedings? Yea Right!)

9. Become a Better Homemaker (I don't need to have brunch like Mrs. Jones)

8. Read the Books I Bought 2 years ago (but they look so good on my shelf all pretty and new)

7. Make More Money (I think I enjoy playing with my toddler in our pajamas too much)

6. Save Better (I save just fine. I'm sure it's the banks fault there isn't enough in my account)

5. Follow the Presidential Debates (They aren't really going to do what they say they are anyway)

4. Keep My Oppinion To Myself (I don't think so.)

3. Spend Less Time on the Internet (cut off my interaction with people who say more than "mine-ses"? I don't think so)

2. Give Up Junk Food (Food tastes too good. Maybe next year)

1. Lose Weight (if I work hard, I could be the next Biggest Loser contestant)

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