Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Formula Dilema

I'm just not producing the amount of milk to feed my Sweet Pea as much as she desires now and I've been trying to move to formula. The only problem is that she spends the whole evening throwing up after I try to feed it to her. I think she is allergic to the milk protein. So, I'm going to try lactose free next.

What kinds worked for you?


Queen of Kings said...

I have no experience in this field... however our neice drinks the similac sensitive formula because of the same problem... and it seems to work great for her.. I think it is lactose free and more gentle on their stomachs. Good Luck sister!!!! We miss you guys!

Jen said...

All my kids were formula fed because I didn't produce enough milk. They all used Similac - low iron except for my youngest. She would throw up a lot too so I switched her to the Carnation brand. That seemed to work, although her poo turned to grey for some reason? :) Just buy a few different small cans and see which one seems to settle the best. Good luck!
PS: The BEST part about formula is that your husband can now do the night feedings! ;)


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