Saturday, June 5, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

Finally, I finished a book this year. (I thought it would be fun to read a book a month, so much for that) Well, yesterday I finished Eat, Pray, Love. It was such a great book.

I loved hearing about her journey through Italy, India, Indonesia, and her own soul. Although I haven't been to any of these places and we are very different people (she's a writer and I'm a massage therapist), I could relate to what she was saying. She describes her feelings about things so much better than I ever could (thus the "writer"), and I couldn't help but say "that's exactly how I feel."

This was a great book. Despite the time it took me to read (new baby/new mother), it is a quick and easy read. I hope you enjoy it.


Alicia said...

I have this book, but haven't read it yet. I guess I ought to give it a shot.

Phannie said...

You should. I hope you like it. My brother said that Goodreads didn't give it a very good review. Oh well. I liked it


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