Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another Use for Your Pants

I was going through a bunch of stuff I have (getting ready for our garage sale this weekend) and I found these two bags that I made. I'm pretty proud of them. They are made out of old jeans and a pair of my dad's old Docker's.

I measured the size of what I wanted to put into them (in this case, scriptures) and then cut the pants and sewed them all together.

I used the waist band for the shoulder strap. I liked the way it looked. In this one, I kept the pocket. It was easier than sewing my own pocket.
On this one, I un-stitched the belt loops and then restitched them onto the bag for decoration.

These were extremely easy to make. I mean, I made them when I was in high school and couldn't sew anything but a straight line. (what am I talking about? I STILL can't sew anything but a straight line)


Tali said...

oh man those are so cool! are you seeling htem in your garage sale? If you are, don't sell the grey one, I will buy it from you.

JJ said...

Where are you doing your yard sale??? I wanna come.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Oh wow, those are so cool! I made on for my daughter but I don't think it came out nearly as cute as yours!


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