Monday, June 14, 2010

120 Mile Challenge: Week #2

Another week has come and gone. This week I pounded out 9.31 miles. Almost 10 miles a week, which is what I need to reach my 120 mile goal for the summer.

I'm still going strong with the walking, but the ability to see the light at the end of the tunnel is getting dimmer.


I was a size 10-12 for the first time since my sophomore year in high school. My legs had decided to cooperate with me and begin to slim down for the first time in my life. (this is a genetic trait that I was sure if I worked hard enough it would go away; it started to) I was eating healthy foods, and not really craving anything junky. I was feeling great. Running. Cross training. Lifting. Feeling really good about my body.


I'm a size 18. The largest I've ever been. My body wants to run, but I walk. It is getting easier to run. I did on Saturday. (part of my walk; only about .5 a mile) I need to lift. My baby is growing faster than my body can keep up. I have to step that up. My legs are flabby cottage cheese. My tummy has a huge tire around it. It's a lob-sided tire. None of my clothes fit. Not even my fat clothes.

Do you really gain 6-8 sizes EVERY time you have a baby?

Can walking really help with weightloss? I would normally be the person who said, "yes, it does. Any extra exercise you can to will help." At this point, it's hard to believe. I need to seriously keep track to see if it really does help.

12.54/120 Miles


Tali said...

you know I wondered the same thing. and still do. for me no matter how much I worked or what i did, it made no difference till I stoped nursing and continued working out. People always tell me you lose weight nursing. but not me. I am sure some do though.

Alicia said...

You are right where I was at before I hit the exercise hard. You can do this. You seem like such a strong person. And yes to the walking question. Besides, you can't start running again until you're body gets used to the running. You'll be in full running speed by the end of the summer if you keep this up!


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