Saturday, December 26, 2009

It has come and gone

I can't believe that Christmas time has come and gone. It's a good thing that Vacation is still here. My hubby and I spent Christmas Eve and Day splitting our time between families. (for anyone soon getting married please take this ONE piece of advice: don't marry anyone from your same state or province. It's a headache to go see EVERYONE. rant finished) It was a good Christmas though. We played games, ate food, read from Luke 2, and opened gifts. It was a fun two days.

I am extremely exhausted though. I took two naps yesterday AND slept 8 hours last night. I just don't know what the deal is. Oh wait! There is an organism stripping me of any extra energy my body can produce. Right. I remember.

My hubby and I got a nice surprise Christmas Morning. Santa had brought us a car seat and pack 'n play. It was wonderful and will be VERY helpful.

Thanks Santa!

As adults we don't get to be surprised very often at Christmas, but was there something this year that you weren't expecting that you received or took part in?


JJ said...

I had hoped and prayed to be in the new house for Christmas. Our closing date was the 30th of dec. We got a call on the 14th that we would be able to close by Friday the 18th. and we did. We then had a stressful time getting keys to the new house and by 10pm Monday the 21st we were in our new house. It was just amazing to be in our new house for Christmas. it was magical to have my in-laws (they are from NC and we don't get to visit them during the holidays...I took your advice and married someone who's family lives in another state)come visit for Christmas and all of us opening presents and making memories at the new house.

Tali said...

s adults we dont get suprised that often, but honsetly its even better to see the delight on your baby girls face when all her dreams come true. even so I still miss the excitment that of my youth. Devin and I were not going to do presents for each other this year but he got me one any way and I got hime one any way so that was a surprise. he really tricked me too. I thought it was a bucket potty for emergency preparedness, and I was well, happy but not excited. then he opend the bucket and there was a really cute really warm winter jacket in it. It fits perfectly and I LOVE IT! and the bucket potty was all a trick, it was really his moms (never used, don't worry :) )and he just used it to disguise my gift. It was a great day.

Phannie said...



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