Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I just Can't believe it!

6 WEEKS! There are 6 weeks left. It's excitement, nervousness, and panic all rolled into one overwhelming emotion.

How did you handle the last few weeks of pregnancy?

When it was your first what were the last few things you wanted to get in before you wouldn't be able to enjoy them as well after baby changed life? (you know the things that you will never have time for until your 50 and have no more kids at home)


Alicia said...

the last 6 weeks for me were boring. I was on bed rest, but I recommend to get everything ready for the baby, get all the necessities. One nice thing that we did is we bought lots and lots of diapers and wipes. That was nice because we never had to go to the store when she was a newborn. and it gets so expensive! Also lots of onesies, make sure you have all her bath things (for some reason I and a lot of my friends forgot about bath time). just enjoy the last 6 weeks. get lots and lots of cuddle time go to every movie you want to go to, because you will not be able to do that for a long time! you will grow 10 times faster, its amazing. Enjoy!

Sadie said...

things to enjoy one last time without children....

grocery store
sleeping in
taking a shower/bath
going potty
running errands

things you don't realize that you should enjoy... but you should. because soon every private peaceful moment will be interupted and you will be schlupping a car seat and baby where ever you go! .... on the flip side every moment adventure and inconvenience of children is well worth it!

ps... in case no one has warned you... breast feeding is hard and hurts and sucks for the first month.... just get yourself ready for that! I felt like everyone made it look so easy and no worries... and I was devestated when it was hard. In talking with friends it is hard for most people... but it gets easier and after a few months it is second nature.

warn Marshall of the crazy hormone stuff... for the first two weeks after the baby is born your hormones go crazy trying to re adjust. Seriously I felt like a mental patient and with the first one we had no clue that it was normal... I think that Dan thought that he was going to have to institutionalize me! lol!

Okay... enough of the negative stuff! The positive stuff far outweighs it! Have fun and love love love on that baby. Enjoy every moment for what it is... you are so blessed!

I can't wait to meet her! Love love love you! Good Luck!


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