Thursday, November 17, 2011

Glass Packing Question

It's been another busy day of packing. I am almost finished. The kitchen is my last big hurdle. I have the pantry packed up, but I'm not quite sure how to pack up the rest of the kitchen without arriving at the new place with everything broken. I know everything can be packed with paper, but I'm not quite sure where to get it.

Any suggestions on where to get paper?

OR any other ways you know of to safely pack glass kitchenware?


Em said...

Have you already packed you bedding? I packed my glass stuff in our bedding when we moved last. It worked great! Especially the pouffier down/winter blankets.

Mer said...

You know those free newspaper classifieds they have at grocery stores? They're awesome. Perfect size. Also, hit up a recycling center/dumpster.

Little Cesar's has the BEST boxes for moving. Super sturdy, but just the right size for heavy stuff (not too big, so you never have to worry about over packing a box). Find the dumpster behind the nearest little Cesar's and go at it.


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