Saturday, November 12, 2011

Coupon Savings: Babies R Us

I am just getting into the coupon scene and am very proud of my buy today. So, I just had to share. I went to Babies R Us with:

$25 off of 3 boxes of Pampers diapers (babie R us coupon)
$3 off Tide (babies R us coupon)
$.50 off Tide (manufacturer coupon)
$2 off Pampers (manufacturer coupon)
$20 back for purchase of two value boxes (babies R us)

This made my purchase of 654 Pampers diapers and one 150 oz. Tide: $121.49! I know that $121 sounds/looks like a whole lot, but it's actually way cheaper than I ever get any other time. It makes my diapers 16 CENTS each!! Basically I got that box of Pampers Cruisers for FREE!! Yeah!

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