Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Week

I just can't catch you up on everything that has gone on. There is just too much; however, I will let you in on some of my 2 week drama.

First of all, we moved into our new apartment. It was seemingly perfect. But then my Hubby couldn't breathe and neither could my Sweet Pea. And I noticed black and white hairs everywhere. And the smell in my Sweet Pea's room was horrendous. So, the apartment that they said didn't have a pet in it(when I asked 3 TIMES) really had. They replaced the carpet in the baby's room, which has been wonderful, but I had to go get her a breathing treatment done at the insta care because of the rest of the apartment. We convinced them to clean the rest of the carpets because they wouldn't change them. So, we put all of our possessions in the kitchen and baby room. And we left for the week.

While we were gone they cleaned the carpet. (I still haven't seen the carpet yet, we haven't been back) I can only hope they are better and we don't have to find a way out of our contract.

We had a wedding to go to. My Brothers. (yes, I did go) the extended family was visiting from all over; Great White North and Hot Gambling South. Lots of laughing and bantering.

Thanksgiving. Bowling with the In-laws and dinner with my extended family. YUM. Homemade Dressing= the BEST!

Then there was Black Friday. I have never before participated in Black Friday. I was kind of excited. Everyone talks about the great deals they find and benefit from. I just didn't find that much. There were a couple of stores that didn't have any deals going on. I couldn't believe it. I only had a couple of things that I was looking for and only found one. (yes I did go through the ads from the paper before) It made me not want to spend the time next year. But the company was enjoyable. Maybe that's why everyone goes. Is that why you go?

Now, the Utah/BYU game. Who are you cheering for?


Kimi said...

I'm just super glad the whole Thanksgiving/Black Friday ordeal is over, lol.

That sucks about the pet hair. I hope they get it all taken care of for you!

Phannie said...

Thanks Kim. I hope they get it all figured out too. Sweet Pea is getting more and more congested by the day.


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