Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Help Needed. ASAP

My sleepless nights are getting worse, not better. Sweet Pea is no longer itching herself away, but she will just not sleep. For the last few nights I have been just letting her cry. Yes, she cries on and off for over an hour, falls to sleep, and then wakes up and does it all again.

What did you do to teach your kids to sleep through the night?

Keep in mind that we live in a studio apartment. She is in the same room as us and we have no where else to put her.


the fellers said...

Just let her cry and cry and cry, she needs to learn to soothe herself back to sleep so she knows how to do it her whole life....that is what I is gonna be SUPER hard, cause you are in the same room as her, but maybe you could try to put up some sore of make-shift barrier just while you are going through this, so she doesnt see you, and then let her cry, and I dont mean just for an hour, I think with Rylee it took 3 or 4 was the worst, but it is SO WORTH IT!!! I would not give in AT ALL, like go to her at all....I know people dont agree with that, but that is what worked for my kids, and you asked what we did with our kids to get them to sleep through the night.

Jinksfam said...

I had the same thing with my girls. Letting them cry it out really does work it just takes time. I also used an app on my phone that made soothing noises and that seemed to help them not focus on what we were doing in the room. When the girls were first born all 5 of us slept in the same room! The girls in their crib, my son in his toddler bed and me and the hubby! Also try to make the "nighttime routine" the same every night so the baby knows that sleepy time is coming.

Hope that helps.
hang in there!

Alicia Bunderson said...

night time routine is huge! Make sure every night you do the same thing. And I agree with the others. cry, just let her cry for as long as she will cry for. It will be very hard but you'll see a huge difference soon. her crying will slowly go down from 2 hours, next day will be less, next day less, and eventually she won't even wake up at night! Good luck!

Messie Leavitt said...

Jessie and I had this problem with our kids too. It took us a while but we finally realized that the only thing to do to help our little ones sleep was to have our married siblings on the Leavitt side babysit more often. As soon as we started doing that everything started getting much better.


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