Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Play Time Spaghetti

I found this fun activity for toddlers on Pinterest at this website. Such a fantastic idea. Great for practicing some hand-eye coordination.

After a while, it turned into this:

I mean, who doesn't like spaghetti?

Then, it turned into this:

My Sweet Pea thought it was so funny to put the "spaghetti" on top of mom's head. I even forgot that it was there and left it until my Hubby came home. He had a good laugh.

Now, when my Sweet Pea sees the colander she wants to do this activity.


Em said...

What's the activity? We are always looking for fun things!

Phannie said...

It's sticking pipe cleaners into the holes of your colander. Very fun. I picked pipe cleaners that were multi-colored and now my Sweet Pea says the colors every time she puts that one in the colander.


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