Sunday, December 5, 2010

Carpet Dilema Over

So much for me putting up the Christmas Tree. We had to move all of our furniture into our kitchen. We moved it the first time for carpet cleaning, but this time is different. A couple of days ago, I sticky rollered my living room and hallway. This is what I found:

These were the 2nd time that I had rolled the carpet. I did it 3 more times. All of them looked the same. Gross.

My sweet Hubby took every single sticky roller paper to the corporate office of the management company of our complex. They found that this wasn't just us over reacting to a little bit of hair. This was a huge problem. They decided to rip out the carpets. Halleluia!! I'm so excited to not have hair all over the my clothes, food, and furniture. It's going to be wonderful.

This is the wall in my bedroom. Hair all over it. I have to wipe it all down and pick off the hair. YUCKY!!

I'm so glad that we are going to have new carpets in our home. No more yucky pet hair.

If you have a pet, please PlEaSe PLEASE bathe your pet regularly, brush them regularly, feed them a high quality meal, and CLEAN YOUR LIVING SPACE. We all love your animals, but we don't want to have them with us after we leave your home. Thanks.

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