Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Really Did Organize My Life: Step #2

Oh, has it been a month.  Wow.  And it's still going.  Life with two young children and their whining, crying, allergies, and sicknesses (these are never ending this month) will get better, right?  Deep breath.  Exhale.

Okay, back to the organization plan that has worked for our little family.

STEP #2: Assigning Tasks to Days

Now that you have your Kid Needs and Mommy  Needs put together, you need to grab a new piece of paper to put together your week.  Across the top of the paper write out the days of the week.  Then draw a line between each day and continue each line all the way down the paper.  You should now have 7 columns across your paper.  (I only did Monday-Saturday to begin with.  If that is easier to do less than 7 days, just do the 5 days of the work week.)

Now, in order of importance, assign your needs and your kids needs to the days of the week.  For example, I assigned my Cleaning days as:

Monday - Bathrooms
Tuesday -Vacuum/Dust
Wednesday - Sheet Changes/Sweep
Thursday - Laundry Room
Friday - Kitchen/Storage Room
Saturday - Garden/Car/Outside stairs

When doing this, DO NOT WORRY ABOUT ASSIGNING A TIME OF DAY to any task.  For now, just give each task a day, even if it's something that is on everyday.  List it all.

Don't panic.  There are a lot of tasks.  We are all busy.  Keep it light and fun.  Use different colors.  Pull out your felt pens AND/OR crayons to help with this step.  The color helps everything to be visible and organized for our upcoming step. Not to mention, it keeps the kiddos coloring next to you busy while you are organizing your future days together.

Remember there will always be things that get in the way of your daily schedule.  Don't stress over a day missed or and activity missed.  It's okay.  Roll with it.  Somedays that is better.

Just in case you missed the beginning:

The Beginning

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