Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Family Stay-ca-tion Day 2: This Is The Place Heritage Park

Our stay-ca-tion Day #2 started out with us driving up to This is The Place. We got up there by 9:30 am. The park hours are 9-5; however, you do NOT need to be there by 9 am. None of the building tours or activities open until 10 am. (They do not mention this on the website)

Monument just outside the visitor center.
We got there and immediately rode the train around the whole park. Sweet Pea LOVED the train. It was nice to see everything in the park so we could figure out what we wanted to do first. We got off the train back at the front gate and walked up main street. We stopped at one of the houses to take a look and noticed that in the backyard they were doing some chores and playing some games.
Sweet Pea got to scrub some laundry and then go hang it up. She thought it was pretty fun.
She also got to race these wooden bears up the wall with string. (I didn't get a picture) And my pregnant self decided that I could do the stilts.

See, this fat Mamma can get up on stilts WITH a backpack on.

We walked farther up the road and found the craft center. Sweet Pea got to color a boat, a paddle to match, a pin-wheel, and got a coloring book. They only had felt pens, so she learned all about how easy they write and all about the lids. Her favorite part was putting the lids back on the felt pens. (I love that she holds her pen correctly. She is so observant.)
We walked up the street and saw the Mountain Man. He was kind of funny and a lot interesting, but could talk your ear off. The ONLY person in the park who could. NO ONE else seemed to want to tell us anything. They just spent their time talking to the other workers at their station. It was pretty annoying.

We saw the Barber Shop. Maybe would have been cooler if he told us anything. Everywhere we went they would say, "let us know if you have any questions." How am I supposed to have any questions when it just looks like old stuff to me. I don't know if there is anything cool about it. JUST TELL ME!

We went around the corner to the Leather Shop (?). They gave us a piece of leather that we could take outside and pound little prints into. It was fun for Sweet Pea to pretend to use the hammer and she LOVED telling us what the prints were. I did all the pounding. It's harder than it looks. Here they gave us the leather like we should know what to do with it. I just looked at the guy strangely and said, "what am I supposed to do with it?" I was really disappointed with the workers at the park.

There was a little skit they put on later in the morning. They arrested the man selling his fake tonics. It was fun. Sweet Pea kept her attention on what was going on really well. But the gun shots were NOT fun for her.

There was a mini town that we didn't have time to go to. (walking around this park took longer than I thought it would) We also didn't get to see the tour of the cabins. I would really like to do both of those. OH, and the quilt exhibit. I didn't get to see that. Sad day. But it didn't open until the afternoon. (nap time)

The most information we received about pioneers and other things about the park was from the tour of Brigham Young's Farm House and the train ride at the beginning of the day. Brigham Young's house tour is interesting, but NOT for kids. The older couple doing the tour tended to talk a whole lot and the kids don't care. A little too long. We had to cut our tour short and leave the group. Make sure that you ride the train more than once. Make sure you have a different conductor than the first time. You will get different information. That was nice.

You need a whole day to go through the park with kids. We will have to go back to see some of the things we missed.

We finished our stay-ca-tion day #2 with my Hubby's soccer game. It was blasted hot, but we went out to cheer for Daddy anyway. Sweet Pea with her books:
And snacks, bubbles, toys, water, and not enough to keep her entertained for 2 hours. I will have to come up with some other ideas before the next game.

My wonderful Hubby:

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