Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring Stroller Hunt

Oh the beautiful glimpse of Spring. It didn't smell like Spring, but it sure did feel like it. The warmer weather, the ability to go outside and walk, just wearing a sweatshirt. It was glorious. But alas it couldn't last.

We got a couple inches of snow last night. The wind howled and screamed. And today there is no walking for us. My stroller is unable to maneuver in the slushiness. I have GOT to get me a new stroller. Being couped up inside is not acceptable anymore.

What kind of stroller do you use? why do you love/hate it?

1 comment:

the fellers said...

We have the Graco duo glider double stroller, and I LOVE it!!! It has like springs in it so it doesn't jar and jiggle as much, a very smooth ride, and a huge compartment underneath, and it folds up almost as small as a single I love the one seat in front of the other kind of double stroller, not the side by side, that is too wide, especially for stores, etc!


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