Friday, February 4, 2011

Birthday Wand

I have been so excited to post this. My Hubby and I didn't get professional baby pictures for our Sweet Pea as we had planned, so when her birthday came around this year we wanted to get some. I was told to bring a few props with us to the shoot. So, I dreamed up a wand to go with one of my Sweet Peas dresses.

It took me a while at Joann's to find everything needed to create my wand, but I did it. Here it is:

Sweet Pea loved it. She loved it so much, that she started to eat off the hot glue on the bottom and get sparkly stuff all in her mouth. I guess we will have to save the wand until she is older and understands that we only eat food.

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Swamp Boy said...

It also looked exactly like she dreamed it would (believe me she dreamed about making this). It was one of the simplest things she has made.

Oh and it should be mentioned that the glee on Phannie's face rivaled the glee on Sweet Pea's face. No kidding. :)

-The Hubby


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