Sunday, July 11, 2010

Okay Okay

The advice was wonderful. Thank you.

I haven't been posting very much, but in my head I think I am. So, let me update everyone so you know exactly what is up. . .

Sweet Pea is drinking wonderfully out of her bottle. (I have only been bottle feeding her. It's all I can do. She causes sores.) She HATEs (I don't use this word lightly), HATES the smell/taste of the formula. She purses her lips together and wont let the bottle in. My Hubby tried to give her 1/2 alimentum and 1/2 breast milk. They fought for 15 minutes. Then he gave her breast milk. I think all I can do is pump and feed her that. Now I just have to tell myself that for the next 7 months I have to pump. (Maybe if I don't tell myself then it wont really be true?)

I have been feeding Sweet Pea Rice Cereal for 4 weeks. Sweet Potatoes for a week. Sweet Peas for 1 day. She LOVES food. (I also do not use this word lightly) LOVES loves LoVeS it!!

I was not eating dairy and it helped to clear up her eczema. However I don't think I can keep this up. I love LOve LoVE Dairy. . . cheese. . . milk. . . ice-cream. . . and everything else that has milk in it. So, I'm just cutting down on how much I take into my system. I've been feeding her for almost 6 months and she's not dying over it. It was just in the last little while that we discovered the allergy. I think she can handle the little traces that get to her when I need a pick-me-up. (maybe it's selfish, but it will keep me sane)

I really did like my first Doc. I still do. I don't think she has a lot of experience with Milk allergies. (Surprising because it seems like a lot of babies have it) The second Doc was really nice. He works with a handful of milk allergies. In the end, I do what I want to anyway.

OH, Sweet Pea is rolling all over the place. She has found her mode of transportation. And she is quick. No leaving her alone anymore. Exciting.

I think that's it. Did I forget anything?

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Em said...

So cute! Do you guys want to come over and play sometime in the next week??


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