Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Camping With Children

Has anyone out there gone on an extended camping trip with one or more babies under the age of one?

We are going camping with my little Sweet Pea and I just wanted to know if there was anything I NEEDED to know?

Or if there was anything I just SHOULD NOT forget?


Mer said...

A lot depends on where you're camping -- at a campsite with trash cans and sinks or someplace more rugged.

Bring something you can seal to put diapers in so they don't attract animals.

I love the Skintastic FamilyCare bug repelling wipes -- they're like wet ones, but with bug repellant instead. That way, you can just rub on bug repellant instead of spraying it all over the baby -- I avoid their hands so they don't eat it.

Bring more baby wipes than you ever thought you'd need. And then double that.

I always bring a couple of gallon jugs of water and little bottle of baby shampoo because you can use them for anything -- drinking and washing bottles or toys, washing off baby feet and hands, emergency clothing care, emergency poop explosions...

And I always bring a bandana I can soak with water and tie around the baby's head to keep them cool. It works better than just about anything.

Have fun!

Andrea said...

I agree with just about everything Mer said. You can use bounce dryer sheets as bug repellant for babies! You never want to spray bug spray on babies. Take several blankets if she is going to be sleeping in a pack and play by herself, so that you can gaurentee she is warm. Just know she will probably get filthy. Just enjoy being out and don't stress so much about the dirty part so much. You will drive yourself nuts if you do, cuase all you will spend your time doing is wiping her off constantly. I'm not saying that you need to let her get caked in dirt, just know that she is gonna get dirty and it isn't the end of the world. My kids look terrible when we go camping, especially after they start moving on their own! Have fun!!!

JJ said...

Bring extra clothes for you and the baby. and remember your toothbrush & pillow!


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