Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 The "Let It Go" Year

2014 has been a year of ups and downs.  A year of fear, a year of courage, a year of smiles and a year of tears.  This year was a year of discovery. This was my "Let It Go" year.  The year for authenticity.  And I feel accomplished.  I have been myself without regret or shame and have begun a new phase of adventure.

My Discoveries for 2014:

  • Learning that hard work pays off, 
  • true friends love you no matter what, 
  • family is not defined by blood, 
  • patience does work sometimes, 
  • reading is a love of mine, 
  • truth matters
  • history matters
  • vulnerability matters
  • a friend to confide in is important
  • friends come and go
  • authenticity is happiness
  • elation comes when I least expect it
I'm grateful for this year.  It was wonderful.  It is a great foundation for courageous experience.

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