Monday, July 9, 2012

Canada Day 2012

I love Vacations.  And this year our vacation was just over a week.  This was much needed.  One of the days we were gone was over Canada Day!  We spent it in Raymond, Alberta Canada.  Here they make Heritage Days wonderful.  Pancake Breakfast, Stampede, Running Race, Parade, Softball Tournament, Glow Golf, Town Street Fair, and Fireworks.  All of the activities are so much fun.  Loved it.

Here is a peek at the Parade:
These Firefighters are AWESOME.  Bagpipes.  Just FANTASTIC!

Great Float.
Gotta have the band.  They were so fun.
This shopping cart was great.  I wish I remembered what they were representing/advertising.
You can't have a parade without horses carrying the flag.

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